Kumar may be one of Singapore’s best-known and well-loved comedians, but even he knows it’s not a career that can last forever. What happens, as he says, when it’s time to hang the heels up? Watch his interview with xinmsn as he talks about his experience on our latest programme on Mediacorp 5, Kumar Goes Back To School.

Kumar Goes Back To School
9 pm
Mediacorp 5

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Going online to find love and friendship has become a part of modern life.
But now, a new dangerous trend is on the rise: love scams.

Rising by 62 %, online love scams were the fastest growing crime in Singapore in 2013. Victims lost US $4.5 million to criminals.

Career women find themselves especially at risk. Pressured to settle down, they allow themselves to trust strangers with glib tongues online.

In Cyber Casanovas, we explore the brazen world of international cyber criminals who trawl dating sites for single career women. Based on real victims’ accounts and police case files, we reveal the modus operandi of online “Romeos” who aim to scam single career women out of their money.

From money mule scams to advanced fee frauds, we speak to experts and explore the variety of deceptions that Cyber Casanovas employ.

Find out what happens when love and money collide.

Undercover Asia: Cyber Casanovas
Monday, 3 March 2014
Channel NewsAsia

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Tonight on Animal Emergency, we bring to you the pain of animals both big and small.

Our episode starts with Faith, a young poodle breeder dog that was poorly cared for. With a broken jaw, she may never eat again – unless Dr Ly can save her.

And when we say big, we really mean big. One of the stars of this episode is Tun, an Asian Elephant with an injured foot. He could very well lose his foot – and suffer an infection in the rest of his body. As Dr Abraham of the Singapore Zoo points out, when you weigh over two and a half tons, it’s important to be steady on your feet.

Finally, cat owner Michelle suffers as much as her cat when she discovers the fall Foxy sustained may have permanently disabled her. Can Dr Woo at the Animal Recovery Hospital do anything for Foxy?

All this and more only on Animal Emergency: Tuesdays 10:30pm on Mediacorp 5.