Watch ‘Note to My Teenage Self’《致昨日的我》Airing 9 pm Mondays from 16 Sep 2013

‘Note to My Teenage Self’ is an 8-episode talkshow where celebrities talk about their childhood and school days whilst reminiscing about their teenage years. ‘Note to My Teenage Self’ is for the teenager who is eager to know what life is about, for the parent who wants to know more about his child or simply, and an opportunity to meet some of your favourite celebrities before they were famous. Guest celebrities include Nick Vujicic, Feng Tian Wei, Chew Chor Meng, Elvin Ng and more.

As we roar into the F1 Weekend in Singapore, The Moving Visuals Co. was happy to learn  that our efforts on the Around the World with Voyager TV series scored in Diageo’s Marketing Brilliance Awards 2012.  The John Walker & Son’s Voyager program (Asia Pacific) was given a Special marketing leadership team award given for “an activity, campaign or program singled out for special recognition for courage and daring and challenging convention.”  Brilliant.  Agencies Precious Media – whom we worked with and Edelmen & Asylum were feted.  Congratulations to Precious Media and Thanks to History Channel Asia & Diageo for the opportunity as well as everyone else who worked on the production.

More details from Diageo’s Press site here.

After more than a decade at our present office in Horne Road, we are headed to
CT Hub – a brand spanking new building nearby.  Our online and phone contacts remain the same, but if you are visiting after Aug 18 2013, head down to:
The Moving Visuals Co. 2 Kallang Avenue, #04-08 CT Hub, Singapore 339407.  
(Google Maps is in the process of updating this information)

JUNKIE MONASTERY chalks up more honours with a SHIFT award at the recent Florida Media Market and Best Social Awareness at the 2012 Asian TV Awards. The documentary was also honoured with High Commendations in Best Directing, Best Editing and Best Infotainment categories at the Asian TV Awards. Adding the Banff Rockie award we won earlier in 2012 – this is the most lauded show we’ve made. Thanks again to all who worked on it, to the Biography Channel Asia, East-West Detox, Thamkrabok Monastery and best wishes to Aftab on his health. The documentary will be distributed worldwide – stay tuned for details.