Have you ever wondered about the difference between mass-produced and handmade objects?

Welcome to Bespoke – the series that uncovers how guitars, cars, knives, jeans, shoes, art, pens and furniture are made on the factory floor and in the craftman’s workshop.

Hosted by Justin Bratton, Bespoke travels across Asia to feature the engineering and experts behind these products, while paying tribute to their heritage.


Suria’s highest-rated lifestyle programme Cantik Detektif is back!

Huda Ali takes on more extraordinary beauty treatments across the region in this brand new season. This time around, she gets beaten up, lies among insects and suffers other crazy treatments all for the sake of beauty! Additionally, Huda seeks out the region’s most celebrated beauty experts, and also gains insights into a whole new world of men’s beauty. Cantik Detektif 2: Twice as Beautiful!

Cantik Detektif 2
Thursdays 8:30 PM
MediaCorp Suria


Get Social Flyer_finalIn Get Social, kids plunge headfirst into the world of social work. Armed with big hearts, the kids will take over adults’ roles in charity work. Every episode they work with different charitable organisations, get to know them better, and take on the challenge of completing a task that will serve existing needs at the organisation.

Join them in this new series as our social warriors embark on an exciting journey where they will learn valuable skills and give back to society at the same time!

Get Social
Premieres 24 Oct
Airs Every Saturday
12:30 PM
MediaCorp okto


Mission S Change was praised by Lianhe Zaobao entertainment correspondent Hong Men Yan! He complimented the show’s concept, script, production value and overall standards. He also described what touched him about the programme. Thank you Men Yan for your high praise!

The last episode of Mission S Change airs Tonight, 8:00 PM on StarHub E City Channel 825.

8 Days’ reviewers Douglas, Sarah and Cheryl seem to have enjoyed our travelogue with Ah Boys Tosh and Weiliang – but gave Tosh’s less than perfect Mandarin a Boo!

Don’t know what they’re talking about? Catch Mission S-Change every Tuesday 8 PM on StarHub’s E City Channels 111 & 825. Only 2 episodes left so don’t miss out!