Season 3 of Vintage Hunter returns in style on the first day of the Chinese New Year! Watch Dominic Johnson-Hill traverse Sri Lanka, Singapore, Taiwan, Myanmar, Rajasthan and Shanghai in his vintage adventures. Premieres Tonight 19 Feb, and every Thursday night from 10 pm on okto, or catch up on

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Noon News (2065): Minister for Ministry of National Development, Tan Xiao Jun, has announced his decision to tear down the 156 years old Lau Pa Sat in 30 days’ time. The parcel of land in Shenton Way will be redeveloped as a space exploration base to further enhance Singapore’s position in this industry.

Upon hearing the news, 10-year-old Zhen Zhen becomes worried for the fate of Lau Pa Sat. But a crazy idea hits her – she’s going to activate Professor Time’s time machine and travel 50 years back to 2015 with her best friend Xi Xi and the Professor! With any luck, they’ll find the 10-year-old Tan Xiao Jun, change his views on tradition and vanishing trades, and save Lau Pa Sat from being destroyed in 2065! Can they change history and preserve Singapore’s heritage? Find out on We Are From 2065!

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In Denise Likes the Arts, the adventurous, multi-talented Denise Tan (Dim Sum Dollies, Gold 90 FM) is on a mission to promote a variety of art forms. These include Theatre, Bhangra Dance, Circus, Music, Chinese Opera, Installation Art, Contemporary Dance, and Puppetry. With the help of the modern phenomenon of social media, Denise will be meeting the virtuosos behind the various arts and promoting them to the people of Singapore.

Join this innovative and outrageous new series and watch Denise be put under pressure to gather as many friends as she can to pull off a public performance – all within 48 hours!


These women are icons in their field. From scientists to aviators, elite soldiers to sportswomen, they have risen to great heights and continue to aspire the next generation. How did they break boundaries & challenge the status quo? Find out on Beyond Limits!

Every Tuesday, 8.30pm on Channel NewsAsia


Going to MIPCOM this year? Drop by and say hello!

The Moving Visuals Co. will be at MIPCOM at Cannes from October 13 – 16 at the Singapore pavilion organised by the Media Development Authority, Singapore. Thank you to MDA for posting this flyer – featuring Chef Christian Bauer of our series Cooking for the Crown!