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Portfolio Groom My Room (Season 9) + view more
Groom My Room (Season 9)

On Groom My Room, kids are given the chance to call the shots and…

Portfolio Undercover Asia: Chained Insanity + view more
Undercover Asia: Chained Insanity

The island paradise of Bali hides a dark secret. Mentally ill patients are chained…

Portfolio Asia’s Underworld Season Two + view more
Asia’s Underworld Season Two

Asia’s Underworld returns for a second shocking season, piercing into the darkest elements of…

Portfolio Secret Singapore + view more
Secret Singapore

Y.E.S. 93.3’s Lin Pei Fen unveils the Singapore you never knew existed. Braving barbed…

Portfolio Disney Phineas & Ferb + view more
Disney Phineas & Ferb

Phineas & Ferb Woo Hoo Skywalkers won the Gold Award at the 2009 Promax-BDA…

Portfolio Return To A Sexy Island + view more
Return To A Sexy Island

After writing several affectionate books about Singapore, bestselling author Neil Humphreys left in 2006 to…

Portfolio Groom My Room (Season 8) + view more
Groom My Room (Season 8)

Portfolio Woh Hup Project C855 + view more
Woh Hup Project C855

A video covering the challenges behind the Mass Rapid Transit line in Singapore by…

Portfolio Note to My Teenage Self + view more
Note to My Teenage Self

The “Strawberry Generation” is the term coined to describe the generation born after the…

Portfolio Undercover Asia: Cyber Casanovas + view more
Undercover Asia: Cyber Casanovas

Going online to find love and friendship has become a part of modern life.…

Portfolio Animal Emergency + view more
Animal Emergency

Animal Emergency follows the daily happenings at animal clinics

Portfolio Undercover Happiness (Season 2) + view more
Undercover Happiness (Season 2)

As the saying goes, financial wealth does not equate to spiritual wealth. What happens…