Portfolio Cantik Detektif 2: Twice As Beautiful! + view more
Cantik Detektif 2: Twice As Beautiful!

Fancy getting whacked with a bamboo stick to get rid of ‘wind’? How about…

Portfolio Bespoke + view more

BESPOKE is a celebration of the industrial expertise that goes into mass-produced products as…

Portfolio Cantik Detektif + view more
Cantik Detektif

How far would you go to feel and look good? Would you suffer through…

Portfolio Vintage Hunter 3 + view more
Vintage Hunter 3

After two popular series of Vintage Hunter, Dominic Johnson-Hill is back to take the…

Portfolio Denise Likes the Arts + view more
Denise Likes the Arts

In Denise Likes the Arts, the adventurous, multi-talented Denise Tan is on a mission to…

Portfolio Secret Singapore + view more
Secret Singapore

Y.E.S. 93.3’s Lin Pei Fen unveils the Singapore you never knew existed. Braving barbed…

Portfolio Cooking for the Crown + view more
Cooking for the Crown

Cooking for the Crown sees Chef Christian Bauer travel to Asia’s most prominent palaces…

Portfolio Art TV + view more
Art TV

Singapore’s longest running Arts magazine series. In Mandarin. For Mediacorp 8.

Portfolio Style Doctors + view more
Style Doctors

The STYLE DOCTORS are in the house! This 8-part series sees hosts RJ and…

Portfolio Adventures in Healthcare with the A Team + view more
Adventures in Healthcare with the A Team

Join radio DJ Jean Danker and the vivacious Debbie Wong as they team up…

Portfolio Couch (Asia) + view more
Couch (Asia)

An innovative new talk show series where our interviewees get grilled…by each other! 2…

Portfolio Same But Different + view more
Same But Different

Your essential guide to discovering how different brands and products appeal to different consumers!