Fancy getting whacked with a bamboo stick to get rid of ‘wind’? How about lying on a bed of insects – just to get slimmer? Wouldn’t you like to indulge in kilograms of chocolate without worrying about counting calories? Cantik Detektif Huda Ali is back! This time, her beauty travels take her to bodacious Bali, surprising Borneo, trend-setting Japan, glamorous Australia, and more! Huda meets Asia’s most celebrated beauty celebrities and takes a peek into their beauty regimes. Topping it all off, Huda gains insights into a whole new world of men’s beauty. Cantik Detektif 2: Twice as Beautiful!

It is often said that women are complicated, while men are simplistic. Men describe women as nagging and over-sensitive, while women complain that men pretend to be deaf and dumb when women talk to them. 

How true are these accusations? In “Mars vs Venus”, we assemble a panel of 6 celebrity guests to discuss and defend their views about the opposite sex. Helmed by a male and a female host, the guests debate their grievances about the opposite sex – with the opposite sex!

“Mars vs Venus” is an uproarious, provocative series about the battle of the sexes. It ran for 52 episodes on MediaCorp Channel U with the following hosts:

Season 1: Episodes 1-26 Hosted by Y.E.S. 93.3 FM DJs Cruz Teng and Siau Jiahui

Season 2: Episodes 27-39 Hosted by Kate Pang and Andie Chen

Season 2: Episodes 40-52 Hosted by Quan Yifeng and Bryan Wong

Open the tool box because designer Bong loves to give hidden treasures a new lease of life!  Restoring neglected family heirlooms and upcycling discarded junk, he transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.  From antique furniture to scrapyard junk, there is nothing Bong won’t tackle on MISSION RESTORABLE!