Asia Alive is a journey to heritage sites layered by history and life – places rich in tradition garnished by natural and architectural beauty.

From the food havens of Malaysia’s melting pots (Penang and Malacca); to heavens on earth in Indonesia (Borobudur and Prambanan); and further afield to tropical paradises in the Philippines, the viewer will get up close and personal with the sights, sounds and soul of these sites.

More than just a travelogue, Asia Alive also steps into the lives of those who are champions and custodians of ancient traditions. Besides taking in the unique charm, color and character on offer, the series explores the pressing and poignant issue of how, in the currents of change and modernity, if it is possible still to keep the heritage of Asia alive.

A 7-part series produced for Mediacorp okto

FACING DEMENTIA is a 5 part TV series that looks at one of the most pressing social and medical issues of our time. As Singapore’s population ages, it is estimated that some 90,000 people will have dementia by 2030.

But are we prepared for this? Whether caused by Alzheimer’s; strokes or other conditions, dementia is still little understood by most people, and presents an ongoing challenge for experts and laymen alike. The gradual loss of one’s mental abilities and identity usually begins imperceptibly and is only recognised when it is too late. The disease takes an emotional and economic toll on individuals, families and caregivers.

With no cures for dementia, this series looks to cover various aspects from diagnosis to caregiving to treatments – and debunk some misconceptions. How is one diagnosed? What can help? Is it preventable? FACING DEMENTIA features the stories of people living with dementia, as well as doctors and experts who are on the frontline.


The battle of the sexes rages on! Laying it all on the table, a panel of six celebrity guests (including Quan Yi Fong, Bryan Wong, Kate Pang, and Andie Chen) put forward their honest views of the opposite sex.

Are women high maintenance, while men are simple? Do women nag and over-think situations, while men pretend to be deaf and dumb when women talk to them?

In MARS VS VENUS, males and females take sides to debate their grievances about the opposite sex – with the opposite sex! MARS VS VENUS is an uproarious, provocative programme that is bound to ruffle some feathers in your house. Brace yourself.