Cantik Detektif 2: Twice As Beautiful!

Fancy getting whacked with a bamboo stick to get rid of ‘wind’? How about lying on a bed of insects – just to get slimmer? Wouldn’t you like to indulge in kilograms of chocolate without worrying about counting calories? Cantik Detektif Huda Ali is back! This time, her beauty travels take her to bodacious Bali, surprising Borneo, trend-setting Japan, glamorous Australia, and more! Huda meets Asia’s most celebrated beauty celebrities and takes a peek into their beauty regimes. Topping it all off, Huda gains insights into a whole new world of men’s beauty. Cantik Detektif 2: Twice as Beautiful!



  • Khim Loh Executive Producer
  • Galen Yeo Executive Producer
  • Vishali Panch Concept
  • Kartini Deffahry Producer / Director
  • Rein Zahrein Editor
  • Yap Chen Sing Assistant Editor
  • Benson Yap Production Manager
  • Vienna Teng Assistant Producer
  • Kartini Deffahry Writer
  • Gwyneth Teo Researcher
  • Clara Lai Researcher
  • Vishali Panch Researcher
  • Voltaire Zeta Fidelino Post Co-ordinator
  • Edric Yap Post Co-ordinator
  • S Ananth Camera
  • Jason Tan Sound
Cantik Detektif 2: Twice As Beautiful!