Four Little Scholars

Although the parents wished that their kids can be as talented just like the famous “Four Talented Scholars” in ancient China, our four little scholars feel that learning Chinese is difficult.

The parents arranged for them to attend nurturing Class but they tried to escape! They slowly discover the beauty of Chinese culture and decided to put in effort to learn. However, incidents keep happening and four of them started to suspect it may be the doings of their classmate, Zhu Ning.

Even though they met challenges along the way, four little scholars finally managed to change their mind set towards learning Chinese.

中国古代有“江南四大才子”,如今在新加坡也出现了“江南四小才子”- 唐博浒,祝芝杉,文争鸣和徐真清。原来他们的父母在为孩子取名时,希望孩子可以像古代的四大才子一样,精通书画,出口成章,然而,四小才子却觉得华文很难!




A 13-part kids drama produced for Mediacorp 8


Four Little Scholars