Let’s Go Dating

LET’S GO DATING is a fun, yet in-depth exploration of Asia’s dating scene! Discover the phenomenon and the reasons behind marrying late, and the increasing numbers of singles.

Watch our Hosts experience the different match-making cultures in the Asian countries, and getting first-hand accounts from the Locals. What is finding love like, on their home-ground? Frustrating, an adventure, or a breeze? And what are their attitudes towards marriage and singlehood?

LET’S GO DATING is a discovery journey for our brave Hosts. They’ll even try out the different matchmaking methods, and events in the countries! It’s time to mingle!


节目通过两位主持人,带领大家展开一段探索旅程! 两人将以轻松有趣的方式探讨亚洲各地的单身问题、相亲文化。



A 10-part series produced for Mediacorp 8

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Let’s Go Dating