Mission S-Change

Tosh and Weiliang of “Ah Boys to Men” undertake their toughest mission yet! They journey across China with nothing but Singaporean products to trade for food and shelter. Their final destination is Beijing, to take part in SG50 celebrations! Will our Ah Boys make it in time?

为庆祝SG50, Tosh与伟良展开以物换物的旅程, 用50样新加坡物品换取一路上的衣食住行,在50天内从茶古马道启程到北京参加留学生举办的”新加坡50”庆祝会。

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  • Khim Loh Executive Producer
  • Chien Chiu Ming Executive Producer
  • Nash Siow Series Concept / Producer / Director
  • Bonaventure Tain Producer / Director
  • Benson Yap Operations Manager
  • Tay Chiao Rong Assistant Producer
  • Jason Tan Sound
  • Gavin Li Editor
  • Shuhadah Saptoe Opening Titles
  • Sindy Chen Graphics
Mission S-Change
Mission S-Change