Revealing the Invisible

Speak of Singapore and the image of a clean, corruption-free country springs to mind. But the island before the 1980s was a very different place.  Among its more sensational tourist hangouts was Bugis Street, which became internationally known for its notorious nightlife. The highlight was its community of transgender sex workers.

However, in the 1980s, the Government moved in and the girls had to move out. Now stranded, they lost a community they could rely on and a place they could call home. Today, the transgender population struggles to survive in modern Singapore.   REVEALING THE INVISIBLE explores the challenges they still face, to gain acceptance in a fast-changing world.

Winner of a Hermes Award & Long Form (Unscripted) Best Editing at the Apollo Awards 2017.

Produced for NHK World’s Inside Lens series.




  • Khim Loh Executive Producer
  • Galen Yeo Supervising Producer
  • Vishali Panch Director & Producer
  • Rein Zahrein Editor
  • Benson Yap Operations Manager
  • Teo Hui Xuan Assistant Producer
  • S Ananth Camera
  • Jason Tan Sound
  • Edric Yap Post Co-ordinator
  • Voltaire Zeta Fidelino Post Co-ordinator
  • Fahreen Haque Graphics
Revealing the Invisible
Revealing the Invisible
Revealing the Invisible
Revealing the Invisible