Revealing the Invisible

Speak of Singapore and the image of a clean, corruption-free country springs to mind. But Singapore before the 1980s was a very different place.

Among its more sensational tourist hangouts was Bugis Street, which became internationally known for its notorious nightlife. The highlight was its population of male-to-female transgender sex workers.

However, in the 1980s, the Government moved in – and the girls were moved out. They lost a community they could rely on and a place they could call home. Today, the transgender population struggles to survive in modern Singapore.

REVEALING THE INVISIBLE explores the challenges they face to gain acceptance in a fast-changing world.


REVEALING THE INVISIBLE was our first project for NHK World, produced for their Inside Lens series.



  • Khim Loh Executive Producer
  • Galen Yeo Supervising Producer
  • Vishali Panch Director & Producer
  • Rein Zahrein Editor
  • Benson Yap Operations Manager
  • Teo Hui Xuan Assistant Producer
  • S Ananth Camera
  • Jason Tan Sound
  • Edric Yap Post Co-ordinator
  • Voltaire Zeta Fidelino Post Co-ordinator
  • Fahreen Haque Graphics
Revealing the Invisible
Revealing the Invisible
Revealing the Invisible
Revealing the Invisible