Steady Lah!

“Steady lah!” – two words – one English, one local – come together to form a quintessentially Singlish expression that’s used to tease as well as to affirm.  STEADY LAH! is  a light-hearted affirmation of how foreign and local cultures co-exist in sunny Singapore.

Each week, two likeable foreigners will be immersed in experiences and situations that reflect life in the Lion City.  And they will do so with a little help – or hindrance – from a local host!

Our unwitting “contestants” try to “outdo” each other in tasks they may be totally unfamiliar with! All in the name of getting to know and appreciate one another better as fellow denizens of Singapore.

Hosted by Rozz Lee and Bobby Tonelli, “STEADY LAH!” will be a journey of discovery of the things that make our city-state special and the values we cherish and seek to affirm as Singaporeans.

A 8-part series for Mediacorp 5, and the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI).

View the series here.


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Steady Lah!