Throwback: Balik Kampong

In this reality-TV challenge, 3 Singaporean families leave their cushy homes, to live in a primitive kampong – cut off from modern conveniences!  No electricity, no fast food, and no Wi-Fi!  They’ll have to overcome mental and physical challenges, while staying united as a family.  Will they make it?

THROWBACK: BALIK KAMPONG is a tribute to Singapore’s 50th anniversary and the resilience of our pioneers. It was the highest-rated show in its Sunday time-slot in 2015 on MediaCorp 5.   An equally successful 2nd season was produced in 2016.

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  • Khim Loh Executive Producer
  • Galen Yeo Executive Producer / Field Producer / Script Editor / Writer
  • Daphne Koh Line Producer / Casting Producer / Researcher / Writer
  • Christoph Renger Casting Producer
  • Gavin Lim Field Producer / Segment Producer
  • Vishali Panch Field Producer / Segment Producer / Assistant Director
  • Joshua Tang Field Producer / Drone Operator / Segment Producer
  • Maria Baguio Field Producer / Opening Titles / Segment Producer
  • Mihir Desai Field Producer / Researcher / Writer / Post Producer
  • Jaryl Sim Field Producer / Assistant Director / Floor Manager
  • Haider Ali Studio Director
  • Luke Jackson Script Editor
  • Lin Cuey Lee Segment Producer
  • Benson Yap Production Manager
  • Kevin Seak Post Manager
  • Voltaire Zeta Fidelino Post Co-ordinator
  • Goh Shao Wei Post Co-ordinator
  • Fahreen Haque Logo Concept & Graphics
  • Shirley Cheng Opening Titles
  • Shannen Mok Opening Titles / Editor
  • Tay Chee Wei Original Theme Music & Underscores
  • Herbert Jay Lao Editor
  • BK Karthekeyen Editor
  • Tay Chiao Rong Data Wrangler / Production Assistant
  • Azhrie Ai Assistant Producer
  • Wee Wei Jin Assistant Producer
  • Chanel Oh Assistant Producer
  • Teo Hui Xuan Assistant Producer
  • Denise Choo Production Assistant
  • Jamie Heng Production Assistant
  • Krystal Foo Production Assistant
  • Michelle Png Production Assistant
  • Kartini Deffahry Art & Props Manager
  • Yeo Bao Wen Art & Props Assistant
  • Andi Agus Salim Location Fixer
  • Bachtiar S. T. (Har) Location Fixer
  • Iwan Transport
  • Handoko Transport
  • Sutrisno Transport
  • Norehan Fong-Harun Wardrobe
  • Aisyah Fong Foong Yee Wardrobe
  • Norhafizah Wardrobe
  • Sonia Wardrobe
  • Lawrence Li Grip
  • Leslie Sim Grip
  • Emmanuel Ombilod Sound
  • Jason Tan Sound
  • Teo Mui Heng Sound
  • Wesley Meow Sound
  • Fong Yi Jie Sound
  • Yeo Wan Yee Sound
  • Lew Lup Mun Camera
  • Mohd Zakie Mahpoel Camera
  • Patrick Low Camera
  • S Ananth Camera
  • S Nathan Camera
  • Rosalyn Lee Host
  • Fukkah Fuzz Host
Throwback: Balik Kampong