Vintage Hunter 3

After two popular series, Dominic Johnson-Hill is back to take you on more journeys to find retro, vintage and antique ephemera throughout South East Asia.  Explore more bustling markets, more eccentric collectors, and more risky investments as he buys vintage that turns out to be anything from a total loss to an astounding discovery.

Vintage Hunter: Season 3 was a Finalist in the Lifestyle category for the Rockie Award at the 2015 Banff World Media Festival.

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  • Khim Loh Executive Producer
  • Galen Yeo Executive Producer
  • Katherine Downs Series Producer
  • Oman @ Dhas Director
  • Ian White Director
  • Galen Yeo Director
  • Maria Baguio Assistant Director
  • Saraswati Datar Researcher
  • Yeo Wei Qiang Researcher
  • Benson Yap Production Manager
  • Teo Hui Xuan Assistant Producer
  • Kevin Seak Post Manager
  • Voltaire Zeta Fidelino Post Co-ordinator
  • Winston Teo Post Co-ordinator
  • Yap Chen Sing Post Co-ordinator
  • BK Karthekeyen Editor
  • Herbert Jay Lao Editor
  • Shuhadah Saptoe Opening Titles & Graphics
  • Fahreen Haque Graphics
  • S Ananth Camera
  • Bob Wong Camera
  • Husain Akbar Camera
  • Jason Tan Sound
  • Dominic Johnson-Hill Host
Vintage Hunter 3