Kumar may be one of Singapore’s best-known and well-loved comedians, but even he knows it’s not a career that can last forever. What happens, as he says, when it’s time to hang the heels up? Watch his interview with xinmsn as he talks about his experience on our latest programme on Mediacorp 5, Kumar Goes Back To School.

Kumar Goes Back To School
9 pm
Mediacorp 5

Chris Humphrey of AETN All Asia Networks was interviewed recently in the June / July issue of TV Asia Plus in “Heart of Asia” where he talks about Junkie Monastery – a tough production indeed…

TV ASIA Plus: There are also bolder programmes like Obsessed and Hoarders on Bio. Is that a direction AAAN might eventually go into for its own productions?

Chris Humphreys: We’ve actually made a show Junkie Monastery and for us, that was pretty gritty. It’s about a British guy – a drug addict, who goes to a special rehabilitation monk school in Thailand. So certainly, we are looking out for Asian versions of what you have mentioned. But the production community having the time and resources to go out and find those suitable for Asia, and open up those avenues on TV, will take a lot of trust and be a lot slower.

Read about the making of the behind-the-scenes here on MDA’s Media Exchange newsletter.  Thanks to Tania Patricia Lim and all the kind folks at MDA for their support.

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